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Dash v18 hard fork has been activated! 🥳 Here is the short sum-up of the improvements made, instructions how to update and what to do if you got stuck. [](

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Greetings from Tbilisi! Today, we're about share with you [\#DCG]('s achievements and decisions we made on the further platform development. Tune in at 3 PM UTC and watch our special Sprint Review. It's gonna be far more interesting than usual! [](

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I've known about this project for 2 years now. I don't really know much about it honestly, I just look at its price. It seems very interesting that almost every other cryptocurrency hit a new ATH last year in the bull market, while DASH didn't come near its +1200$ ATH. Has there happened anything to this project that makes hitting such a price ever again impossible? To me, it seems that for \~40$ DASH is way undervalued. It's an easy 30x if DASH hits 1200$ again which seems insane to me and I don't know why no one else thinks about this. So why did DASH hit its ATH in late 2017 in the first place and couldn't set a new one in the 2021 bull run?

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**Dear Dash Community,** I'm a Linux professional, and I've been listening to **Jupiter Broadcasting Network's** Linux podcasts for years: in my opinion, they are essential for any serious Linux professional (of which there are probably hundreds of thousands, or millions, worldwide). The Jupiter Broadcasting Network is here: []( ​ **Chris Fisher**, the founder of Jupiter Broadcasting (JB) is a big fan of Bitcoin, and they've started to accept "boosts" in the form of donations of Bitcoin "satoshis" sent in via the Lightning Network. Listeners who send in boosts can get their messages read on air during a podcast episode. **Ernesto and Team:** I think that we need to send in a boost to one (or many) of the Jupiter Broadcasting Linux podcasts to let them know about Dash Platform, and perhaps to get them to consider accepting Dash boosts in addition to Bitcoin boosts. I think that Linux Unplugged and Coder Radio are their 2 most popular podcasts. If we can set this up, I pledge to send in some Dash boosts to Jupiter Broadcasting. I think that listeners currently send in Bitcoin boosts using a particular wallet (I've never sent them a boost). **EDIT:** if we developed a good relationship with the JB community, Sam and his technical team could join a JB podcast as guests to explain to the JB community why Dash and Dash Platform are so powerful, and to answer any questions from the community. If you want to learn how boosts work, I think that they did a boost segment in Linux Unplugged 475: []( I don't know a lot about how boosts work, but I do know this: Dash Platform could be very beneficial to Jupiter Broadcasting: they could use it to store JB episodes and perhaps the JB website, while using Dash to power their payment systems and to receive boosts (if they so decide). In most episodes, people send in Bitcoin boosts of a few hundred, or a few thousand, satoshis to get their messages read on air. The biggest boost I've heard so far was over 100,000 satoshis.

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I wonder if it is possible to earn staking reward with Dash which is sitting in a Trezor wallet?

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After more than a year of waiting for this change and one bear market later, we finally got the proposal fee dropped to just 1 Dash. So, if you have $45 lying around and a good idea, why not submit a proposal today and maybe the network will fund your idea! There's over $200k USD up for grabs each month, so c'mon and have your say!

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I know they are two totally separate projects, with two totally separate goals, but just at surface level, if you look at the scale of what the merge actually is and how ETH’s devs actually got it done, it sickens me at how much time it has taken Dash’s major upgrade to ship. Missed opportunities….

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[]( This is a living document. The minutes of each meeting will be appended as we go. It has been (lightly) edited to remove some sensitive content. So bookmark it and keep up with what we are doing. Welcome to the era of more and better communication in the Dash ecosphere. Yes, I should have published it a month ago. But....reasons. It's up there now and there is plenty more stuff in the pipeline. Feel free with constructive criticism. We will actually listen and respond where possible.

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We are very excited to announce that the v18 hard fork will happen on block 1737792 around the 13th of September 8pm GMT. Please make sure you have upgraded to v18. [](

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We're running a campaign with! From Sep 10th to 12th, spend your DASH at []( and get rewards in $SHOP tokens. Learn how it works here: [](

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