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Margarita Island is part of Venezuela's only insular state, along with Coche and Cubagua. Every year, this gem of a paradise - in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea - attracts national and international tourists. Margarita is not only home to crystal-clear beaches and warm people, but also to a growing entrepreneurial spirit that seeks to revive the tourism and commercial sector after the economic crisis and Covid-19. The way the Venezuelan economy works is very particular and not always understandable, especially for foreigners. In this situation, Dash provides immediate, easy and secure solutions for everyone. The travel of money without borders, by sending and receiving secure payments in less than two seconds and with imperceptible commissions, are some of the many benefits that this cryptocurrency offers to people and businesses in Margarita. In order to promote the development opportunities of the crypto ecosystem in the Pearl of the Caribbean, we carried out the I Dash Crypto Tour 2022, together with the Dale con Dash team in Venezuela. During the first four months of the year, we joined forces to position and promote the use of Dash in the Margarita Island, through trainings in several commercial establishments, pilot tests with the Dash card and the dissemination -through the local media- of the opportunities that only "digital money" can offer. ​ Crypto-Friendly Margarita Margarita has all the potential to become a Crypto-Friendly destination. We are moving in this direction, guided by the objective of building a network of businesses enabled with the knowledge and tools for the acceptance and use of Dash cryptocurrency. In this way, we seek to consolidate the Pearl of the Caribbean as a crypto island, where paying in hotels, restaurants and cafes, as well as shopping in businesses with digital currencies is an everyday occurrence. This is what we announced on the radio stations La Romántica (98.9 FM) and Reina (96.7 FM). In these spaces, our communications director, Maires Bastidas - accompanied by José Orlando Trejo, representative of Dale con Dash on the island of Margarita - detailed the facilities offered by Dash to pay, invest, save and send remittances. He also pointed out that all who are interested can contact our support centre to clarify their doubts and receive free advice and inductions, payment gateways for merchants and advertising on social networks. These radio stations continue to have open microphones to inform about the news of the crypto ecosystem and projects on the island. ​ Dash: within everyone's reach! The interest of tourism service providers and traders in integrating cryptocurrencies into their business models continues to grow. In Margarita, more than 85 businesses are registered in the Top Dash City list, which already make up the network of businesses where Dash can be used. To add more businesses, in our activities we specify the benefits and different ways to receive payments in Dash, either directly in a wallet, through a digital point of sale or through the printing of QR codes. During the I Dash Crypto Tour, we held a training session at the Margarita Village Hotel, where we hosted 22 people, including staff from the hotel and different travel agencies, and guests of this renowned hotel can now pay for their accommodation with Dash! Similarly, we held a working meeting with the "Las Rosas" Inn, located in Playa El Agua. The purpose of this meeting was to advance in the creation of a circuit of Crypto-Friendly inns. Meanwhile, in Playa Parguito, we visited the COSME restaurant, which became the third place to join the crypto ecosystem of this famous beach. In addition, we held a conversation at Café Moka Caribe, where the Dale con Dash team has already organised more than 5 informal meetings to explain the advantages of the crypto world. Similarly, at "Lu Chocolates con Churros" we had a lot of receptivity from the attendees. In fact, we spoke with the vice-president of the Real Estate Chamber, in order to move forward with a training programme for real estate brokers. At Chicken Blue, we also had the opportunity to discuss an essential aspect: the freedom and responsibility of being in control of our money. Likewise, the Chamber of Commerce and Free Port of Nueva Esparta state was the scene of an induction on the use of Dash, where the guests showed, through their questions, a growing interest in the opportunities offered by the crypto world. In March, we held a discussion at Bingo Las Vegas about cryptocurrencies, the use of Dash Wallet and the growth of the communiDash in Margarita. ​ The best way to pay! We know that it's not enough to say that using Dash is easy, fast and secure: we have to prove it! In this sense, Margarita was also the scene of the pilot test with physical Dash cards. More than 50 people joined the experience of paying with "digital money", using NFC cards with a point of sale. This test allowed us to evaluate the performance of the system by carrying out a large number of transactions, as well as to find out how receptive people were to making payments with this cryptocurrency and joining the communiDash. The interaction with the elderly participants was very positive and showed that resistance to the use of cryptocurrencies can be overcome with education and illustrative activities. Together with the entire Dash team in Venezuela, we will continue working so that more people and businesses in every state of the country join us to experience the freedom, transparency and security that only Dash offers: digital cash.

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Hi 👋🏻 $Dash is available on [Guardarian]( exchange. It allows you to buy Dash the easiest way possible with several payment options. ​

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**Hiya!** As you may know, we're changing our marketing strategy to cultivate and deliver valuable content for the community and Dash users, and to push forward all great technologies and features behind Dash. I'm looking for a content writer who can resolve situational cases, create various marketing materials, such as new infographics, blog posts, guides and tutorials, landing pages, some SEO stuff, news, magazine articles, press releases, etc... For that reason, I need someone who could: * Produce and edit accurate and compelling content for the community and other Dash users * Provide final checking prior to publishing to ensure consistency with relevant style and brand guides - strong attention to detail is a must. * Contribute ideas for new or improved content and processes. * Work at both a detailed level and a strategic level to produce effective written content. **Requirements:** * Strong technical background * Basic SEO knowledge * Excellent writing skills I'm pretty sure there's plenty of good fits for that position! Please let me know in replies! 💙

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Dash Certificates video showcase & AMA live by the u/CryptovaultNet team. Our guests are joined by moderator Marina Siradegyan , DCG & co-host Felix Mago Felix Mago, Dash Next. Tune in today, at 1pm UTC at the Dash's official YT Channel [](

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**Dear** r/Dashpay, I'm not offering financial advice: I would just like to share my perspective with the rest of the Dash community. We are are human beings, so there will always be drama in any community as large as ours. I try to ignore all of that, and I try to stay focused on Dollar Cost Averaging into Dash every month. I buy Dash every month, and I have trained several of my family and friends how to buy Dash every month as well. I teach the more advanced ones how to get their Dash off of the exchanges, and how to self-custody their coins. I set a monthly budget, and I buy the same set dollar amount of Dash every month. This month, I bought a lot more (in U.S. dollars) than I normally do to take advantage of the recent dip. TL;DR: I try to ignore all of the noise; I Dollar Cost Average into Dash every month. **Thank you for reading this post!!!**

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Hey everyone. After community feedback we've updated the Dash Ecosystem Overview graphic. Furthermore, I've also created a **Twitter Moments**. It's a collection that includes close-ups of the **categories** but also **Twitter Threads** with detailed descriptions of all the items. Feel free to use this link []( in Tweets related to marketing, advertising Dash, or simply to explain someone what Dash is all about. Notes: * Please link to, share or Tweet, the Twitter Moments link (**see above**) and not the, in the collection included, Threads or Tweets themselves. (Twitter Moments can be updated, Twitter Threads can **not**). This allows us to keep making future updates to the collection. * Alternatively you can share the Moments by retweeting that Tweet (like I did here: []( * Twitter account Informationdash functions as a Sandbox account to prepare Tweets, Threads and to update Moments. To avoid cluttering your Twitter Feed, please **don't follow** that account. 📷 Links to the full resolution graphics (with descriptions included): * JPG (8K): [\_EpWQtjx/view?usp=sharing]( * JPG (4K): []( * PDF: [\_YOy03D1zG55nk0LBdbW/view?usp=sharing]( * PNG: [](

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Things are getting scary fast, I was holding some Dash in Coinbase out of convenience, I just pulled it off, that stock is looking very ugly right now, if there's more crashing ahead it could be a bankruptcy situation. ​ Granted if CB goes under crypto is going 80% lower from here but still, you'll have your coins safe, you can just stash and forget about it for 5 years until the FED reverses course and the printer starts again.

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Can we discuss what your opinion is on what might happen in the future for dash. I know, I know... No one knows. But after an explosive 2017 bull run Dash hasn't even sniffed anywhere near those highs again. And after one of the poorest performances of this run, it's currently only sitting roughly 40 percent above the lows of the 2018/19 bear - and I'm sure there's more downside to come. Great tech and real world usability doesn't seem to be enough. Incredible project, one of the og's of crypto, I loaded my bags heavy when it briefly dipped below $70 in late 2019 and 3 years later we're at the same spot. Will it ever recover again? Maybe not even an ath, at this point I'd be ecstatic with even getting back to half of the ath. Do you think or wonder if dash can survive another bear market? Not fudding, just sharing and asking honest questions. But this is reddit so I'm sure the down voting and name calling will follow. What does everyone think?

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