Proposal Details


This proposal is the continuation of the previous proposal to help pay for the hosting of our current run rate is about $50 per month, in June 2023 we spent 8.67 Dash which has us up to date through to Q1 2024.  Upon which we will seek another hosting provider that can provide us more online storage for a similar price.  We ask for just 1 Dash per month, because we are bullish! and we do expect that the Dash price will increase next year, above $50 if not more and at that time we will raise funds to pay for the hosting on the new platform.  We very much thank you for 12 payments to date (12-1= 11 Dash) and this proposal requests the next 14 months which covers us through to the end of 2024.  Please consider funding our costs, you are able to change your vote at any time.

About MNOwatch
MNOwatch is a community run website which aims to provide information and services about and for the Dash network. We can be contacted on the forum and subreddit . Our current git repo is available for review and PRs, it has the code for the main reports on the home page, however, the rest of the site is yet to be added to a public repo. Also, much of the code that runs MNOwatch is available at this repo.

In 2023 we worked hard to bring some new services to the site including the just out of beta Crowdnodewatch site which allows you to see how the crowd is voting and who the whales are !  We are also working on a couple new updated versions of the homepage!  Check out our in beta index2 home page which sports fancy 1990s style CSS only drop down menus, no cookies, no js, no third party assets, just MNOwatch classic design!  An index3 page is currently under consideration that would allow selecting reports for a user specified time period. TBD. Also, check out the new Vote The Numbers! pages, a novel way of voting in the DAO in a more granular way. We have also continued to update the MNOwatch whale designations, tagging new clusters as they emerge on the network and waving goodbye to old clusters, we are also supporting Evonode clusters and will improve this in 2024.

How it works
MNOwatch utilises a split system where one server runs the webserver and PHP and cron jobs and another server runs the dashd. This helps to keep content in one place and spread the load across two different severs, it also helps with reducing costs of for storage. Each server costs about $25/month to run.

P.S. We created this proposal with the help of Mnowatch proposal generator.