Proposal Details

Dash Incubator Mikhail 2023 Q4

3 month funding proposal for a reserve, Dash Incubator Strategist Mikhail Pshenichnikov.

Recently, I was proposed by Rion to join a strategist role as I have skills and knowledge, and especially motivation to deliver goods for Dash. This budget bucket aims for the projects, managed by me in the Dash Incubator, some of them are:

* Platform Explorer - explorer for the Dash Platform chain
* Dashmate - masternode setup tool for Core and Platform (evonodes, masternodes, local)
* Anypay - non-custodial payment processor (merchant terminal)
* Dash Electrum - lightweight wallet

Vote for me, if you want these and new projects going from me. Drop a comment if you want anything other specific implemented under my budget.

I am full stack blockchain developer and I came to Dash in 2022. My primary focus is web development (backend, frontend, cross-platform, devops). I have been working as a Dash Incubator developer for a quiet time and of you may know me as a `pshenmic` on Dash Forum or Dash Discord, where I actively help people with ongoing issues and questions.
Discord pshenmic#1750