Proposal Details

Dash launchpad: Russian-speaking community's engagement, awareness and expansion

Getting Started

The launch of the platform is just around the corner, and although it is still early to promote the platform, it is worthwhile to start preparing for it.

The Russian-speaking market is important and large, with approximately 260 million Russian speakers, and people from the CIS countries are heavily involved in the world of cryptocurrency. And the Russian-speaking Dash community is already quite large and is in second or third place after the main English-speaking community.

But there is a big problem - the flow of information that reaches the Russian-speaking community is quite small - of course, everything can be found in Eng groups, Discord or documentation....

Most get stuck at the language barrier.

Despite the fact that auto-translators can do a lot these days, experience has shown that it is very important to have at least basic information about Dash and the latest news and data from every corner of the Dash ecosystem in Russian in an optimized and easy-to-understand form. 

We in the chat always try to give answers to questions that arise, but sometimes you need to give a comprehensive and accurate answer with all the details, and giving a link even to the Russian section of the Dash documentation, we can lose a person, because: it's complicated, huge and scary). And unfortunately not always fully translated into Russian.

Although the work inside the chat is important, but probably not everyone asks the questions they want, for some reason, or just do not reach our chat, because it simply does not exist on the, and many who were looking for it, I think, after a few attempts quit trying and went to other projects.

What I want to do

The first and most important thing that I believe it is necessary and can be done relatively without large investments, is the constant presence of Dash in the main social networks, messengers, thereby maximizing the ease of obtaining quality information about Dash.

I plan to focus on Telegram, because in the CIS and the world, in my opinion, it has become the number 1 messenger. 

In addition, there will be the development of the community in

The second thing I'm going to do, and already do, is write articles about Dash. In my opinion, articles should be clearly written and contain a lot of important and useful information. In articles you can reveal the features of Dash, its advantages over other cryptocurrencies, share news about Dash, make various tutorials so that every ordinary participant of the Internet could use the opportunities of Dash and know where and why it will give him an advantage.

There's publishing in native services, such as for Telegram and similar for VK, so that users can get content without leaving their favorite application.

And, and, if necessary, other sites like

The third is the publication of various videos about Dash. Here, as with articles, there is a huge field of possibilities, and the field is unplowed. 

First of all, YouTube, both long and short videos.
Then TikTok + Likee.
In addition, interaction with

Who am I?

I'm Voncan (Vonny), closely familiar with Dash since 2019, as well as cryptocurrency in general. I have experience in communication and cooperation with people from most of DFO. Currently I am preparing for implementation a lot of good ideas to improve the presence and use of Dash in Russian-speaking countries, and at the moment I have a considerable amount of time to work for the benefit of Dash. Since about the end of 2020 I have been a moderator of the Telegram chat of the Russian-speaking community: @dash_ru. Since the beginning of 2023 I've been running my own channel about Dash (@Dash_archiv), translating published articles and creating understandable articles based on DCG's Sprint Reports and Incubator Weekly, creating various news and educational media content, which is sent to the main chats. I myself use Dash in my life wherever possible and am very excited about this opportunity.

My Telegram account is @V_O_NCAN, if you have any questions about the proposal you can write to me in English or in chat @Dash_ru.

In general, Dash has optional privacy and the ability to transfer to anyone, anywhere, as much as you want and when it is convenient, this is just what can help many CIS residents.

Statistics and all links to resources have been put in a separate article on