Proposal Details

Block Reward Reallocation: Increasing MNO rewards - Doubling Treasury - Reducing Miner rewards 60-20-20 Split

This proposal seeks guidance on how the community would like to proceed as we continue to develop and improve Dash through this bear market.

The Bad News

Dash Core Group’s reserves are on track to being depleted sometime in October or November. As things stand we are getting ready to reduce our manpower by approximately 33% - irregardless of whether this proposal passes or not. Dash Core group is also currently short staffed in most aspects of the organization, especially on managers as roles left and were never replaced. Reducing our manpower by significantly more than 33% will have drastic consequences for the ability of Dash Core Group to service the needs of the project and would increase the time between releases. This proposal gives Masternode Owners an option to retain valuable contributors to the project through an adjustment to the block reward allocation.

Contributors inside of DCG have all agreed to a temporary reduction in pay through various means. I would like to thank them for this. Many of them are doing this despite working very long hours under very stressful conditions.

The Good News

However we do have some uplifting news. As of today we have started the testing phase of Dash Platform. This represents a big shift in our development efforts as we move away from making new features to making sure everything runs smoothly.

Another piece of good news in the fact that version 20 of Core is nearing completion. Inside this new version one of the features is that Quorums (that power Platform, Instant Send and Chain locks) no longer will use entropy from miners in their creation. I am extremely proud of this feature and achievement and would like to thank all those that contributed to it. We were working towards it for a considerable amount of time and it will be quite valuable towards the security of the system. The distribution of masternodes in quorums will now be provably random and can never be influenced by a single or portion of actors. This also means that miners will have a smaller role on the network.


Currently (before v20 of Core) we have the following roles in the Dash ecosystem:

  • Miners propose core network blocks through proof of work and contribute to the generation of quorums.
  • Masternodes participate in facilitating Instant Send, Chain Locks and Coinjoin.
  • Dash funded organizations in the DAO develop the project and network.

In v20 of Core and v1 of Platform the roles are as follows::
  • Miners only propose core network blocks.
  • Masternodes facilitate Instant Send, Chain Locks and Coinjoin. The Evonode version of masternodes will be paid for proposing blocks on the Platform network as well as various other features such as validating Platform to Core chain transfers.
  • Dash funded organizations in the DAO develop the project and network.

After v20 miners will have a smaller role, masternodes will have a bigger role, and development will continue to be needed.
Current allocation:
  • Miner reward: 36%
  • Masternode reward: 54%
  • Treasury: 10%

Proposed allocation, in light of the above: 
  • Miner reward: 20%
  • Masternode reward: 60%
  • Treasury: 20%

This proposal is to have this change be immediate at the activation of Core v20 and Platform v1. Platform will need to activate on mainnet for this change to take effect.