Proposal Details

DashMoney - Dapp Development (Sept -Nov 23):, DashGetReviews, ProofOfDash

Greetings and once again thank you for passing my last proposal.

Previous Proposal Accomplishments

1) DashGetPaid released source code and is operating on Testnet. is a Dash Platform Marketplace where any user can be a merchant and earn Dash, or be a buyer and purchase with Dash.

2) DashShoutOut added reply/threads ability for improved reading flow, replaced the manual updating with automatic updating, and prepared for tipping between users when identity credit transfers is available (v0.25).

3) DashGetMoney (Completion planned for early Sept) added new Data Contracts to include payment messages and added the ability to send to a Dash Address. Sending to a Dash Address is for on-boarding new users or for you to send to any other Dash wallet.

  ???I just want to take a second and explain this DashMoney version of on-boarding. New users create wallets (with an address) on DashGetNames, but    ???don’t have any Dash, so the new user can give someone like you with Dash, a payment address via a text message or other communication, you can    ???add a little Dash to the new user’s wallet from your wallet or on DashGetMoney. Then the new Dash user can try out all the dapps! I see this as a    ???complimentary/parallel on-boarding to DashPay as Dash Platform is new, and there is still a lot of learning and possibilities for how it can work best    ???for the users.

4) DashGetReviews (Planned out) - Get reviews about other users without logging in. This will assist in building trust and hopefully facilitating transactions. Reviews entered by others will appear after you search a name. If you want to write a review or comment on reviews written about you, you will have to login.

A Story of Development

Next, please bear with me, because this part of the proposal has undergone some revisions, but I hope this story about the progression of ideas will help explain where DashMoney development is headed and why.

It began with, “I really want to develop a dapp/usecase with a very high potential and value, that is legitimate, with high margins, that would get people interested and actually use.”

I came up with the idea of “Pay Rent with Dash” dapp, where you could find places to rent and pay with Dash. So I started thinking of different ideas for this “Pay Rent with Dash” dapp.

What if for a “Pay Rent with Dash” dapp, the rental owner doesn’t use a credit check or proof of income, this is crypto so instead the rental owner wants proof of funds or Proof of Dash. (PoD): This dapp simply allows the soon-to-be-renter to enter a Platform Document which includes a Dash address with a certain amount of Dash, he owns, and a signed message, e.g., “This is Bob for Proof of Dash.” Then the rental agent or landlord can view the renter’s document on and the dapp automatically verifies that the address has the amount of Dash it says it has, and the signed message is authentic. Dash Platform can also ensure that the document is unique, so a single address cannot be used multiple times. The amount can be determined by whomever, for instance, if you want to do a 6 month lease, the rental owner may want to see that you have at least that much to pay.

I like this idea of proving you have the funds, because it will entice people to interact and therefore a higher likelihood of working together.

Now getting to the actual “Pay Rent with Dash” dapp, to implement a real estate/rental site, there would need to be pictures and maybe even geocoding API to link locations to street addresses,etc.
But to have this type of functionality, a server/client architecture (add a server on the backend) would be needed, so the dapp would no longer be a frontend connected to Dash Platform. This would be a break from all the DashMoney dapps created so far.

So at this point, I had a pretty solid path to pursue the next few months: create DashGetReviews, create ProofOfDash and start building with a server backend. But..  I was unhappy with the server backend part, because it would greatly centralize the dapp as I would have to worry about a server running. So I kept thinking and ‘lo and behold.. DashMoney finds a way.

So a new idea for the “Pay Rent with Dash” Dapp , this “New” way, “Does Not” need a backend server, but continues the frontend to Dash Platform architecture that if DashMoney believed in intellectual property, would be the DashMoney trademark. So let’s unpack this.

If you have heard of “gorilla marketing”, think of this as “gorilla renting”.

You go to the “Pay Rent with Dash” site, type in a country/state and/or a city. Then a list of posts will appear (These are Dash Platform Documents returned from the location query) and each post will include the name of who the post belongs to (e.g. Bob), a short description (2Bed/2Bath, 40 Dash/month, etc..) and a link to a “real” real estate site that has the posting with images and other information (, airbnb, etc). But someone seeking a place to rent knows that this is someone who will accept Dash.
(Additionally, on the actual real estate site, there may be a little tag in the description that says “This is Bob on Dash” or something). To help validate its legitimacy.

This a great idea to get people to use Dash as money, and it will be easy and fast to do, and it will work for anywhere in the world. So I continued along this line of thought.

So let’s say someone finds a place that they would like to rent, so how do they work out the process of closing the deal. Well, they can use DashGetReviews (for the renter to review the rental owner) and ProofOfDash (for the owner to build trust about a renter) and figure out if they can trust each other enough to engage and then use DashShoutOut to communicate and workout how you want to conduct the business.(Or in the future, DashShoutOut messages may be incorporated into the “Pay Rent with Dash” dapp directly)

Now if the actual real estate sites ever start canceling listing, because they include the (This is Bob on Dash). This would actually be a good thing, because the use-case has been completely validated, and Dash should pursue this as a possible avenue for growth with an true independent renting dapp.

But it doesn’t end there, this is also an avenue for entrepreneurs to connect renters and owners. And I mean entrepreneurs who do not have any real estate to rent out! This is how: An entrepreneur can say to a rental owner, “Hey, can I post your rental on “Pay Rent with Dash” dapp and if it gets interest, we can work with the renter and make it happen.”

The entrepreneur can then take two courses of action, 1) Earn a percentage from the rent OR 2) Create a business (be the access-point) where renters know, “Oh, this person/business is trustworthy, and I know if we work with them, we can trust it to work.”
The second path is more interesting, because then the rental owners just go to the entrepreneur and pay the entrepreneur to have their rentals posted by him!

These possibilities and ideas are new and untried, and this is what the free market will figure out as to the best way this should work. But it doesn’t end there.

From “Pay Rent with Dash” Dapp to

As I thought more about this very simple search capability. Why stop at real estate, if you have a business in a local area, then you can post it as well and instead of a link to a real estate site, it can go a business’s website. And even further, instead of just property rentals and business websites, it could pull up a DashGetPaid store/menu.

I don’t know what business or markets or industries will use Dash or where in the world it could take off first. But this is even more interesting than DashGetPaid alone. Because this is a way to connect current real life businesses in a certain area to people that want to pay with Dash.

 Another great part is that you don’t even have to login to search. You just go to and type in where you want to see. The lowest bar to entry that I can think of.  And if anyone wants to add something and be searchable, they just login and add the location and listing details.

Now in the future, there may be a way to pay for posts to appear at the top of searches. But that is after the dapp has been proven as a viable usecase. As this dapp may become a revenue generating business.

(The story continues to grow. I keep coming up with new ideas for For rental listings you will be able to post multiple links on a single post to maximize efficiency on the page. You will be able to combine a business website and DashGetPaid Store into a single post to unify your offerings. And another idea, is that you will not only be able to post things for offer, but you will also be able to post what you are “Looking for” → Looking for a single room to rent and so on.)
(Thinking even more on this, it actually would not be too difficult to include images to a post and then you wouldn’t even need to link to a separate site, but I don’t want to go there just yet.)

This concludes the “Story of Development” but I hope it brings many possibilities to mind and how Dash Platform will bring forth a truly new Dash Economy.

Current Proposal - Plan of Action

1) (Estimated Time: 5 weeks) –  A user types in a city/state, and posts appear regarding rental properties, businesses, or other. Also you can start your search very broadly, if you just want to enter a country and get all the posts from the country or state/province that will be possible also. The search will be very flexible. Also include the features like “Looking for”, I wrote above at “The story continues to grow...”

2) (Estimated Time: 3 weeks)  –  Get reviews about other users without logging in, to assist in building trust and facilitating transactions. Just visit DashGetReviews and search a name, reviews entered by others will appear and you can read them. If you want to write a review or comment on reviews written about you, you will have to login.

3) (Estimated Time: 4 weeks) – You can post proof of Dash that you own by adding an address and a message. This is to show that you have the funds to pay for a transaction. The address can be checked by a blockchain explorer and also you will be able to know if someone is trying to use the collateral for multiple times because platform will be about to search an see if there is more than one platform document using the address as collateral. Also you will add a message so that others can verify that you are the one posting the collateral.

Why 249 Dash for 3 months:  I see the value of this proposal as a monumental shift in understanding and possibilities for the use cases of Dash Platform. People don’t have to be software developers to use Dash, they can just use Dash as money.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if any parts need clarified. Thank you again for the opportunity to bring this to life.

This concludes the proposal. The following are just DashMoney thoughts, I wanted to share with anyone interested.

At DashMoney, we understand money is the purest and highest form of communication. But it is also the most powerful computation engine possible, because money leverages through the network effect every person that uses it to make economic decisions. And we maintain that this computation force of money can not be matched by any quantum computer or AI or smart contracts or all of the above combined, not now or ever.

To illustrate this, a simple formula to help explain: A single person’s mind possesses an estimated 1 exaflop of processing power using 20 watts of power. The network effect through money allows for this to become 2^(NumberOfPeopleUsingTheMoney) * 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 operations per second.

Now, this computation force of money doesn’t perform floating point math. It calculates price as determined by the free market, and that is how the parallel processing of all the people’s minds are connected through the money-price mechanism.

This is something, I believe, few people understand, and it is this processing and computation force that Austrian Economics is alluding to when they describe why socialism and communism will fail because of the inability to use economic calculation. But this also includes once money becomes corrupted, in the sense of fiat money and the Cantillon effect, this computation force is also compromised. But Dash has the opportunity to become money that can enable the full computation force of money.

And I am not trying to be mysterious or convoluted with the meaning of money. I mean money the same way that a 5 year old would tell you what money is. A 5 year old would say, “Money is what you use to buy stuff with.”
That is why DashMoney builds for all. I work to deliver something for everyone. I hope that users of DashMoney dapps don’t even know they are using crypto, and they only see it as money, because that is exactly what it is.

If Dash becomes money, it will build an economy onto itself.  This economy can form a culture and a new way of life for all the people that choose to use it and change the world.
This is why I want to built things that are so easy and persuasive that any person can say to another, “Have you tried Dash? All you need is a name.” And then they go to DashGetNames to get started.

Thank you from your time.