Proposal Details

Dash Marketing Hub Affiliate Bounty

This proposal is put forth by the Dash Marketing Hub, an official fork of the Dash Incubator, focused on grassroots marketing and promotion of Dash, and on community energizing/engagement.This proposal is for the creation of a separate fund exclusively to pay affiliate marketers to promote Dash purchases on marque cryptocurrency exchange-affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is a highly effective marketing process that incentivizes large, existing groups of marketers to promote Dash. The primary appeal of affiliate marketing is that payments are made to marketers based on their results – the number of people who make a purchase of Dash. This means by running an affiliate marketing campaign we will be paying directly for buy pressure in the network.If Dash hopes to succeed we need more people promoting the benefits of Dash in their own unique context, leading to more dash holders.

Dash Core Group is running on an extremely limited budget and does not have the capacity for sufficient business development activity at the moment. We believe that a simple bounty system can maximize our capacity here without the funding requirements of additional full- or part-time employees.

We are requesting 50 Dash per month with a cap of 500 Dash total for the fund. We will only put in additional proposals if the fund drops below a 50 Dash balance.

Additionally, we encourage the creation of a Hub/Incubator fork dedicated to integration bounties and business development. If such a project is launched, we would be happy to transfer this fund’s remaining balance to the new DFO.