Proposal Details

Dash Italia HomeSchooling for-Children

Homeschooling is known throughout the world as the possibility of educating one's children in the family, privately, as free as possible from the hands and doctrine of the state.

This practice is also spreading in Italy, although it is difficult to make it sustainable because it is hardly tolerated by the State itself (although it is a legally recognized right) and because there is no economic aid to be able to practice it in the long term or, better still, structure it with a new socio-economic vision.

For these reasons, in Italy there are few families who face this choice: an estimated 20,000 children in homeschooling throughout Italy (number more than doubled in the last 3 years, before 2020 an estimated 7,000 children were estimated) compared to over 700,000 children in school age. This is also because this possibility is not known or advertised at all for obvious reasons.
This Proposal aims to help to economically structure an informal reality that has already existed for 2 school years (born in September 2021) which is facing difficulties, mainly economic, with the organization for the years to come.

The reality is made up of 11 families, therefore 11 children aged between 6 and 13, and 4 educators:
- A one-of-a-kind teacher for Primary children.
- A foreign language teacher for all ages.
- A teacher for the humanistic and logical-mathematical-IT area for the Secondary age group.
- A teacher for the science area for all ages.

These are the current numbers destined to grow because interest in the area is spreading thanks to the existence of this reality and as early as September 2023 at least 2 new families will join.

The average of the costs incurred in these two years is around 4500 euros per month which include:
- Time committed by the educators (on average 54 hours a week among all four)
- Seat rental and energy bills
- Purchase of food for children's snacks and meals
- Purchase of school supplies
- Organization of educational outings
- Organization of artistic laboratories and/or of various nature

Using a Proposal, the goal would be to address part of these costs using Dash as:
- Food can be purchased in local businesses that accept Dash without advertising, or via Bitrefill in stores such as NaturaSi or other brands in the area.
- The educators are willing to accept Dash to cover a large part of the hours worked which could also be compensated by Bitrefill vouchers (such as fuel vouchers, shopping vouchers, etc.).
- The lessee is available to fully accept Dash also for energy bills.
- School supplies can always be purchased through Bitrefill and partially in local businesses that accept Dash without advertising.
- Field trips and workshops can be paid for in Dash at least with those operators and/or Associations already prepared to accept it locally without advertising.

In general we think that (or other platforms that allow the purchase of vouchers in Dash, such as ) will be very helpful by using it as a "wellfare" line by stimulating those who actively participate in this project.

However, the most important aspect concerns the fact that the families and teachers-educators involved are proving to be very interested in the subject (also considering the Dash Evolution project and the enormous restrictions that will be met with the economic, legal and undeniably also social) and periodic meetings are being organized to deal with them, deepen them and pass them on with simplicity also to children: new concepts of work, of product exchange, of sovereign digital identity, of real possession of one's own value and, as you know, much more up to to what could be defined as a personal pension through participation in Masternodes.
All issues that must be tackled first with families in order to then be able to pass them on to the children delicately and with enormous simplicity, preparing them for a more responsible society.

Currently, in the last months of the school year that has just ended, the texts of Twin's Tuttle have been inserted as an introduction to most of the topics discussed above, both in Italian and in English in digital form, in Italian in paper form, ( ) around which structured laboratories have been created to consolidate part of these concepts.

The intention, if this Proposal passes, is to take photos and short videos to demonstrate what has just been written, even together with the children (censoring the faces for privacy) and advertise everything on the various Social Dash-Italia under our management ( ).

To answer the question "how does all of this help Dash?", we asked ourselves "how do we create a new socio-economic culture? in schools (not public ones of course) and starting from families and children".
We are beginning to do this, starting with a "few" families and children and using Dash as a basic model, with periodic meetings with families and with simple economic-themed lessons and workshops (simplified and with the use of Dash) for children. Obviously always approaching everything as an alternative, as something to learn and keep ready in case of need, a lifeboat to set up and take care of, keeping it ready for use thinking it is the original goal of Dash.

In all of this, obviously, a local network of users is already being created who have installed the wallet and accept Dash for small things (especially self-production) without necessarily wanting to be advertised... because studying it then creates interest and culture.
It could be seen as a form of marketing but very different from the traditional ones and concentrated on a small nucleus (and above all on the new generation) which is cared for intensely to expand slowly but with a very high level of quality, to arrive at an acceptance direct and aware in a network of exchanges disconnected from the traditional system and protected by privacy, in a network of social relationships without fiduciary contracts.