Proposal Details


I am asking for support for the following quarter in relation to the work described in the original Proposal:

In recent months we have continued the dissemination work by creating content that we are posting on the main social networks and will continue to keep it busy.
We have used the Infographic to create a series of "pills" in Italian to be used to disseminate Dash on social networks:

We have also achieved several new contacts in the various social networks, especially on Linkedin where we are focusing on members who have skills in the IT sector, cybersecurity, devs and other similar.
In total, among the main Social Network channels used (Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook), since the previous Proposal published about 3 months ago we have reached more than a thousand new users (From 25 April 2023 to 26 July 2023, +1396 new users among these 6 social networks, of which 895 only on Linkedin).

We recently activated an account on a little-known, decentralized, social network that pays attention to non-censorability, which is called Mastodon:

The coming months are the ones where, we assume, there will be a lot of news for the launch of the Platform and integrations for the Evolution project and we will do our best to disseminate them as quickly as possible. The integration on Maya Protocol DEX is also taking place for which we advertise every step on Dash Italia's social networks and we will continue to do so.

It may be interesting information for the Dash network to know that we have also started Dash Mining and are studying it in depth and later we also want to deepen the details regarding the configuration and management of the Server for Masternodes.
Also there are other small italian Merchants (it is a united group of activities for personal service such as, physiotherapist, osteopath, health product sales shop, holistic center, which also offer online services) that are working to accept Dash and some of them will do so publicly and we will not fail to publicize these new adoptions.

PS: We hope one day to be able to use our social networks for more structured initiatives, showing their potential, such as Proposal as Dash-Italia-HomeSchooling-for-Children. committing ourselves to "teaching" families, little merchants, children and teenagers towards a new society and therefore the economy.