Proposal Details

Dash Ninja Funding 2023

Hi everybody, I am elbereth, I was there when Dash started (with another name ;-) ), I helped as I could with testnet, explorer, etc.
Then I had an idea to create a monitoring website for masternodes : Dash Ninja.
I created it from scratch, alone. To understand better how Dash works. I
hosted it on my private server since then. I maintain it and make
evolutions myself.
I always offered my help for free, then for a time DCG helped me (thanks! It was around 90$ per month at the end), but it
ended 4 years ago.

Two years ago I asked for budget to sustain the server cost, maintenance and development for 3 months Q1-2021 in a
budget proposal that was successful, thanks to all who voted Yes.
Deployment to the stand alone server was a success and everything went OK until I had no time anymore with my real life.
Last year you all helped with 1 year budget for the cost and maintenance time, thanks again to all who voted Yes.
The server and application are still running smooth to this day with no noticeable downtime.

The goal of this new proposal is to cover server and maintenance for one year 2023-2024.
If any new development arise, I will cover it on my spare time for free or if it is a lot of work make a new proposal.

Dash Ninja is in a working state, it still needs polish but it works.
As indicated this proposal covers :
1. Current server hosting cost for 1 year.
2. A few hours of maintenance per month.

OVH (the server provider) increased the price of the server end of 2022) to $106.13 per month.
They also made the extra IPs paid (they were free until end of 2022) to $1.40 per IP per month.
The server was using various IPs but was trimmed to only 2 paid (+ the one that still cones for free).

The source code of Dash Ninja is readily available for everybody to check.
The code will stay licensed under GPLv3.
- Front-end:
- Back-end:
- Database:
- Control scripts:
- IRC bot script (Eggdrop):
- Database daily automatic dump:

1 Person half a day maintenance per month $160.00 x 12
Server Fees $108.93 x 12 =  ($106.13 + $1.40 + $1.40) x 12
Proposal Fee $43.65 x 1
Contingency $387.14 (11%)
Total: $3657.95 for the year / $304.83 per month
In Dash (@ $43.65): 83.8 Dash one shot (for the year) / 6.983 Dash per month (equivalent)

Server details:
It is still the same as the last years : dedicated server with 64GB of RAM and
at least SSD hosted at OVH (Rise-1 model) around 100$/month taxes
It works very well for Dash Ninja, performance has been stellar.

What happens if the proposal is rejected ?
I won't be able to afford to pay for the stand alone Dash Ninja server anymore.
Two options then :
1) either move it back to my personal server (most probable option)
Performance will go down but we know it works as that's where it was 3 years ago.
2) help someone deploy and set up Dash Ninja on their server (full database can be provided)

How to contact me:
- Keybase: elbereth
- GitHub: elbereth
- Dash Forum: elbereth