Proposal Details - a fast & fun way to tip online

Dear MNOs,

As you can see here I finished building the beta version on July of 2021. I hosted the site for some time at my own expense. In that link you can read a little bit about what the site is about.

It is open source, this is the Github repo

The site is now live, but there are some services that need to be paid before the app can fully function, and I decided to wait for the Dash community to give me a green flag before I do so.

You can see pictures of the App ???in my personal website here

I also created a pre-proposal here with more details

The idea is to create three proposals:

1) Request 50 Dash for the work already done and expenses already made (in the pre-proposal I posted the logic behind of how I came across this number)
2) If the proposal one succeeds then I would create another proposal for the hosting and maintenance costs.
3) I would create another proposal to keep developing the app farther. (you can also read in the pre-proposal my view on this)

Please, vote YES if you agree with this or NO if you don't.