Proposal Details

Continuing DASH Promotions On National Broadcast Radio

Thank you Masternodes for voting to bring DASH back as a major sponsor of "Free Talk Live"! This is a proposal to continue the live sponsorship as described here in the original proposal as made last month.

We will continue to honor the 32 DASH per month rate as though it were locked in for a longer timeframe, despite the drop in the DASH price since our original proposal was made.

If you haven't caught the show since we started the sponsorship on April 23rd, here's a video showing the first two live ads we did on the 24th and 23rd, to give you an idea of what they are like:

To summarize the sponsorship:

Our hosts are experienced DASH users and believe crypto should be used for payments.
We will discuss various aspects of DASH every night on broadcast radio, live streaming, and podcast and drive listeners to
Our radio show is heard on over 170 radio stations across the United States.

Here is the pre-proposal discussion from the forum, if you want to ask any questions or weigh-in there.