Proposal Details


For those who don't know me, I have been the manager of the following social networks in the name of Dash Italia for almost two years:

(*** most used), the numbers are updated as of 25/04

***Twitter (377 followers):

***Linkedin (558 connections):

***Telegram (391 members):

***Youtube (215 members):

** Facebook (new account, 18 members):

** Mail support:

**Discord: @Dash_Italia#8252

*Odysee (backup):

* (backup):

* donazioni:


*Publish0x (backup):

*Transifex: Dash.Italia for italian translate of Dash Tools

*User Telegram for donations: @DashItaliaFundMe

*Github: DashNewsItalia - Overview

In this year I have voluntarily reviewed all of them both aesthetically and in terms of content, obviously focusing more on those most commonly used, and I have done a job of constant and timely dissemination of News and Dash's fundamentals and raise awareness among the Italian community towards the adoption of Dash and connect with new businesses interested in learning more about Dash to accept it as a direct payment method.

I have made all the translations into Italian of what was published on Transifex by the DCG and will continue to do so.

I have also created an Excel management system suitable for purpose and using concurrent disclosure tools such as
I would like to be able to maintain and give continuity to all these social networks and I ask for support from DAO to support these activities that require time to devote and which I would like to structure over time.