Proposal Details


The current proposal will help us to pay for hosting fees  of .
We are asking for 1 Dash per cycle, you are free to fund as many or as few cycles as you wish.

About MNOwatch
MNOwatch is a community run website which aims to provide some information and services about and for the Dash network. We can be contacted on the forum and subreddit . Our current git repo is available for review and PRs, it has the code for the main reports on the home page, however, the rest of the site is yet to be added to a public repo. Also, much of the code that runs MNOwatch is available at this repo.

How it works

MNOwatch utilises a split system where one server runs the webserver and PHP and cron jobs and another server runs the dashd. This helps to keep content in one place and spread the load across two different severs, it also helps with reducing costs of for storage. Each server costs about $25/month to run.

P.S. We created this proposal with the help of Mnowatch proposal generator.