Proposal Details

Dash Town Hall Jan 2023

Dash town hall is a governance site similar to Dash central or nexus. The site offers Request for proposals, public voting and eventually delegates. We will also be making some efforts to co-ordinate the various discussion platforms (Dash central, forum, Reddit etc...)

The major advantages the site currently offers:

  • Simple Leaderboard -  Proposal overview
  • Request for proposal functionality (Using the draft proposal system)
  • Public vote to express community opinion on both active and draft proposals
  • Vote Delegation Guide
  • Public votes displayed in a way to allow direct comparison with MNO votes
Dash town hall mission:
  • Building a meritocracy where dash users discuss, vote, contribute or simply audit any and all aspects of the Dash treasury system
  • Improving the treasury system where proposal concepts and requests for proposals can be evaluated by the community without financial commitment from either Proposal owners or the treasury
  • Increasing trust and community involvement by making the site multi-lingual 
  • Setting the standard for transparency

Roadmap / Planned features: 
  • Historical records of each proposal cycle
  • Historical MNO vote counts
  • Historical records organized by proposal owner
  • Historical Public vote counts
  • Forum/Discussion platform
  • Vote prioritized comments
  • Tagging system where you could see "top concerns" and "top benefits" that could be created and voted on, and also filter comments by the same tags, items such as "insufficient transparency", or "reputable team",...etc
  • The 'reputable team' and 'insufficient transparency' would probably be a 'sticky' at the top of the discussion right? That way you could see them grouped as in 23 people say they need more transparency…
  • Import comments from other platforms (DC/Reddit/etc)
IF the network approves of this proposal long term (several consecutive budget cycles) we'll start building a mobile application to make governance and voting more convenient/accessible.  This app could have these features:  

  • Notifications of voting deadline, proposal status changes etc.
  • Proposal Status change notifications
  • Masternode monitoring tool including notifications
  • ???Masternode Status change notifications
  • Delegates Voting History
  • Proposal Owner Accounting / Fund tracking
  • Masternode Best practices 
  • Transparency guide for proposal owners
  • Bounties tied to requests for proposals
  • including mobile voting