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Dash Marketing Hub - User and Merchant Onboarding

DMH Proposal - User and Merchant Onboarding

This proposal is a supplement of the Dash Marketing Hub, an official fork of the Dash Incubator, focused on grassroots marketing and promotion of Dash with the goal of facilitating the onboarding of new users.

At the moment Dash is caught between major integrations and product releases: Platform, a potential THORChain/Maya Protocol integration, DashDirect/Ionia card programs, are all several months out or more, but without firm and reliable release dates. This leaves us without a major release or integration to promote. At the same time, Dash not only remains a solid and usable crypto, but also features two functionalities which offer a competitive end-user advantage today: CrowdNode and the in-wallet merchant map. CrowdNode has proven to be effective in recruiting new Dash users, and adding more merchants to the in-wallet map strengthens the usefulness of the wallet without any extra integrations. This is especially useful for countries which do not support DashDirect at this time.

After polling the MNO community and in an attempt to make the Dash Marketing Hub more granular and accountable, we will be submitting proposals that are more specific in nature. This proposal is specifically targeted toward onboarding new users and merchants. Also, if this proposal passes, existing tasks in the current bounties, when applicable, will have their focus directed toward supporting this effort, thus amplifying the effect of this proposal. 

As those of us who use cryptocurrency in the “real world” know, once you’ve experienced the advantages of Dash, it’s hard to go back to using any other cryptocurrency. Also, as we find our world becoming increasingly restrictive due to government regulations, banking regulations, unreasonable identification requirements, restrictions on cash usage, etc, more and more people are finding themselves being excluded from the retail environment. Our goal is to expose as many people to Dash and its advantages and convert them into regular Dash users and help them discover financial autonomy.

This proposal is requesting funds for developing and executing a campaign to onboard new users. Among the activities we will be developing are:

  • Video Tutorials and Material:
    • Staking via Crowdnode 
    • Spending Dash directly
    • Purchasing gift cards and using debit cards via DashDirect
    • Purchasing gift cards and paying bills via Bitrefill TBD
    • Spending Dash through other means
    • Accepting Dash as a merchant
  • Material and content designed to help community members onboard new users
  • Material and content designed to help community members onboard new merchants
  • Merchant Kit consisting of pamphlets, stickers, posters, and other such material

Consumer Guides and Content: 120 Dash
Retail Guides and Content: 25 dash
Community Guides and Content: 30 Dash
Administrative fees: 25 Dash
Total: 200 Dash

All operations of the Hub funded by this proposal are subject to the latest Rules published here: