Proposal Details

Project updates via proposal system

All projects receiving funding must submit at least one project update per cycle via the proposal system.

Criteria for updates:

  1. standardized tag to distinguish them from regular proposals.

  2. must be submitted at least 5 days before the voting deadline.

  3. cost 0.1 dash and must be signed by the private key receiving funds.

  4. no payouts, no refunds.

  5. must contain at least 120 words*

  6. optional; link to image which will appear before main text (stock photography or other).

  7. prompt Proposal Owner to include milestones, due dates and KPIs, but not enforced.

  8. failure to provide at least one update per cycle will automatically and permanently de-fund the proposal.


  1. provides a guaranteed source for project updates.

  2. updates can be automatically extracted for blog posts / newsletters.

  3. keeps on-going proposals fresh in MNO minds.

  4. zero tolerance for no progress reports.

* The minimum word count criteria is based on the concatenated
readability of 20 live proposals; 120 x 20 = 2400 words. This number is
close to the recommended word count for fintech blogs / articles, which
typically expect higher word counts.


Work to be carried out by owners of the dash protocol (currently DCG) within
6 months of this proposal passing. This proposed work is deliberately
simplified and absent of Platform functionality. Technical documentation
and a reference HTML/JS form is expected.

Automated blog posts / newsletters are expected to be built by independent community members and NOT by DCG.