Proposal Details

Dash Core Group Compensation January - March

Dash Core Group December 26th Funding Proposals

DCG is submitting 3 funding proposals for the budget cycle that pays out December 26th:
1) DCG Compensation: 2,296 Dash per month (currently in month 1/3)
2) DCG Infrastructure: 459 Dash (currently in month 2/2)
3) DCG Supplemental proposal: TBD on amount.

What does this specific proposal fund?

This proposal funds Dash Core Group's ongoing compensation costs - including all developers, administrative, business development, marketing, and support staff.  This is a multi-month proposal that will cover compensation for January through March 2023.

What is the proposal funding?

As of November 31st, 2022, DCG has 39 paid staff associated with the project. In addition, we have 1 volunteer who has decided to work for no compensation and 1 person who has decided to work at minimal compensation for a set defined period before returning as a volunteer.

Our run-rate for December will be around $220,000. With this current compensation proposal, we are asking for total funding of $90,679 per month. If this proposal passes, we will be consuming roughly $130,000 from our reserve per month. Our compensation reserve as of November 31st stands at slightly more than 5 months of compensation reserve. We built up reserves for the exact situation we find ourselves in today, where our compensation run-rate is higher than our compensation related revenue, due to a decline in the price of Dash. We had previously said that assuming a price of $44.5 for the balance of the year, that we could continue to operate with no changes to our compensation structure and still sit on a 5 month reserve at the end of December 2022, and this is pretty much what played out.

What does DCG's current structure look like?

DCG has evolved to primarily be a tech focused organization that can be grouped into 2 main parts, technology and technology support.


  • CTO Samuel Westrich - quantumexplorer (making this proposal)

  • Lead C++ Software Engineer
  • ???Lead C++ Software Engineer???
  • Senior C++ Software Engineer
  • Senior C++ Software Engineer
  • C++ Software Engineer
  • Lead Android Software Engineer and Principal Developer
  • Sr. Android Software Engineer
  • Android Software Engineer (Part time)
  • Sr. iOS Software Engineer
  • Sr. iOS Software Engineer
Platform Consensus
  • Sr. Go Software Engineer
  • Sr. Go Software Engineer
???Platform Protocol
  • Lead ???Rust/JS Software Engineer
  • Lead ???Rust Software Engineer
  • Senior Rust Software Engineer
  • Senior JS Software Engineer
  • ???Rust/JS Software Engineer 
??????Platform Database (GroveDB)???
  • Rust Software Engineer
  • Rust Software Engineer
?????????Platform SDK
  • Sr. JS Software Engineer
  • Lead Tech Research Engineer
  • Tech ???Research Engineer
Technology Support:

???Communication / Business Development / Marketing:
  • ???Head of Business Development / Marketing
  • ???Communication Officer
  • ???Business Development Manager
  • Lead ???Technical Content Developer
  • ???Technical Content Developer
???Human Resources:
  • HR Specialist
  • Lead Infrastructure Engineer???
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
??????Project Management
  • Lead SM / Project Manager
  • SM / Project Manager
  • Head of Product
??????Quality Assurance
  • QA Engineer???
  • QA Engineer???
Tech Support
  • Lead Support Engineer???
  • ???Support Engineer???
  • Web Developer

???If you have any questions, please direct them to @quantumexplorer at dashcentral to ensure we are notified of your request.
Requested funding is as follows for the December through February budget cycles:
  • 2,295.66 Dash for core team compensation per month ($90,679 USD @ $39.50 per Dash)
  • 0.33 Dash / per month proposal reimbursement 
Total: 2,296 Dash per month
Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future compensation expenses and any related taxes.