Proposal Details

Disable & Remove PrivateSend/CoinJoin (from Official Dash Wallets only)

First of all, i´d like to ask all MNOs to please calm down your feelings and emotions, and don´t hurry with this Governance vote.
Please do not allow your feelings and emotions to guide you on this vote, and don´t vote out of some self-imposed dogmatic ideology,
but only according to reason and good sense.
I understand and even share your fury and your wrath. But the wheel of history has turned, we either adapt or are being crushed.
Before voting, please take the time to read the full proposal text at least twice, and then consider wisely, because the very
survival of the Dash project is at stake, and given the fact developers require time, this Governance vote might well be our last
way out, before we are hitting the wall, and probably much sooner than most of you (especially all the MNOs from the U.S.) imagine.

Let me introduce myself: i am a multi-MNO since many years. So far i have remained always in the background, because i value and
appreciate privacy (whenever it is possible or isn´t suicidal). But now i can no longer wait and be silent, and watch the direction
our project is taking, because right now we are on a trajectory to our guaranteed demise.

I want to clarify something at the beginning:
Personally, i have nothing against PrivateSend/CoinJoin, in an ideal world financial privacy should be deployed by-default and not
just as an optional feature. In an ideal world, there would be no taxes, but rather an elected government (elected by the people,
not elected by Dominion Voting Systems) would expand the overall money supply by 4%, 5%, 6% or 7% each and every year, to pay for
everything that´s constitutional: Law & Order, Justice & Courthouses & Prisons, Firefighters and the National Defense (Military),
and when it comes to moneyprinting, always using the principle "as less as possible, but as much as really necessary".
But we are not living in such an ideal world, because people prefer to be ignorant.
In reality, the world we live in, is a world where most all the governments are working ruthlessly to perfect financial surveillance
for the final scope of financial slavery.

To make this clear: I´m filing this Governance proposal with a heavy heart.
I´d wish myself we could keep PrivateSend/CoinJoin without seriously endangering the future of Dash and without putting our project´s
very survival in severe jeopardy. But i am convinced, that by keeping PrivateSend/CoinJoin on our official wallets released by DCG,
in a very close future already(!), things will dramatically turn against us and it will be a dead-end, with a slow and protracted dying,
a sinking into meaninglessness and irrelevance, with an ever-shrinking market-cap (and price), all fueled mainly by mass delistings on
the biggest exchanges. And when (not if) those mass delistings will start, they will come very fast, without any warnings, and from all
sides, one blow after the other, and with no grace periods whatsoever. I am sure, many if not most MNOs won´t believe this, or they might
think all i say is exaggerated. It´s not exaggerated at all, and it´s coming, and fast.

Where has Dash already been delisted so far, because of PrivateSend/CoinJoin?

-Korea(South Korea)
-Huobi Global

Where is Dash likely to be delisted next, because of PrivateSend/CoinJoin?

-European Union (all 27 countries, following a Czech lawmakers proposal which will be on vote soon and likely passing)
-Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein (as they tend to mimic EU legislation, not to finish on any black lists)
-Singapur (their government is much like that of Switzerland)
-India likely to follow as well

It is worth noting, that Dash has been delisted by Bittrex Exchange in the past, but after a lot of effort arguing with and educating them,
Dash has finally succeeded in getting re-listed on Bittrex Exchange again, at least for the time being. A won battle does not mean a won war,
however. I hope the majority of MNOs will not be misled and deceived by this insignificant victory, because it won´t always happen that way!
And sadly, this is a war we can never win, at least not as long the main trading volume is on CEXes, and as long Dash cannot survive on its
own without being traded against FIAT.

Why "privacy-enhanced" cryptocurrencies like Dash, Zcash and Monero are targeted by governments,
and will likely have no future outside of DEXes and the Darknet/Deepweb:

It is a good sign, that governments - at least for now - seem to have abandoned their wish to completely outlaw and ban cryptocurrencies.
As they don´t want to ignore the industry altogether, they choose the path of strict regulation, explaining it with the need of fighting
money laundering and terrorist financing, both of which are largely the sphere of cash and are therefore just pretexts and poor excuses.
In truth, there is only one single main concern governments still have with cryptocurrencies. And it all boils down to the .. TAXMAN !
They want people having to fully disclose all their crypto holdings. And they are freakin mad as hell, if that doesn´t work out for them.
All the targeting of "privacy-enhanced" cryptocurrencies comes from the government´s perception, that "privacy-enhanced" features are
detrimental to their tax-collecting efforts.

So what must we, being such a "privacy-enhanced" project expect from the worlds governments? In a word: the worst !
It should be clear, that they definitely want to completely outlaw and ban all those cryptocurrencies which they deem to be "privacy-enhanced".
Our project will likely not survive this impending attack from the worlds governments, if we don´t act now. And we are late, taking counter-measures.
We are simply not in the condition, of being able to afford keeping PrivateSend/CoinJoin in this regulatory climate they are creating right now.
Make no mistake, the governments of the world have already decided to go this route. They have secretly already taken this decision.
Right now they are preparing legislation and regulations almost everywhere to outlaw and ban all "privacy-enhanced" cryptocurrencies.
If we decide to officially keep PrivateSend/CoinJoin, Dash price may never see $100 again, let alone anything beyond that.

Therefore this Governance proposal seeks to:

1) Disable and fully remove PrivateSend/CoinJoin from all Official Wallets, meaning:
   a) from all DCG-released Wallets
   b) from all Wallets published by developers which could be considered to be "close to DCG" or in "proximity to DCG" or from "a DCG environment"

2) Outsource and externalize all eventual remaining PrivateSend/CoinJoin functionality to an outside party or brand, which is officially unaffiliated
   with DCG, which will legally allow us plausible deniability, because we "must not have any influence over said entities". This also gives us the
   ability of officially "protesting" and "condemning" the existence of such counterpartyrisk-less mixing technology, by officially denying our blessing.
   It goes without saying, that in case this Governance proposal is passing, we must never publicly announce or advertise any inofficial mixing solution
   anymore, that may still continue operating.

3) Archiving and preserving all PrivateSend/CoinJoin-related Code, for potential future review or reconsideration, should the regulatory climate ever
   significantly change and the threats and persecution by the worlds governments be relaxed.

4) Sending an "Update Note" to all the Major and Mid-sized Exchange Players out there, that Dash is no longer a "privacy-enhanced" cryptocurrency
   (this will potentially prevent any wrongful delistings, in case we vote to ditch PrivateSend/CoinJoin)

The passing of this proposal would allow the Dash project to at least stay alive, during the times of harshest persecution of "privacy-enhanced" coins.
If we are going to survive the impending delisting spree, we will at least have the time to overthink our strategy, adjust the project to the new rules,
while at the same time protecting and safeguarding our investment, by still being able to pursue future chances of growth and recovery.

Will we lose a considerable amount of users, by ditching PrivateSend/CoinJoin?
The answer is clearly: No. Not at all.
There are hardly any people involved in Dash only because of PrivateSend/CoinJoin, or who make their involvement dependent upon PrivateSend/CoinJoin.
The Darkcoin days are long gone. Nowadays, folks who are extremely focused on privacy are using mainly Monero, Zcash, PirateChain, Grin etc. anyway.
But the price we may have to pay for keeping this privacy feature is the likely death of Dash, a price we just cannot afford to pay, in my opinion.

I believe many MNOs will just refuse to realize how close our project is, to suffer the impending mass delisting doom.
It´s likely going to start, when Binance (the international branch) ultimately decides to delist all those "privacy-enhanced" cryptocurrencies.
Coinbase and Kraken will then be the next ones to follow very soon thereafter, even if they will keep allowing their U.S. customers to trade those
"privacy-enhanced" cryptocurrencies for a transitioning period of time. It will be the final nail in the coffin for all those "privacy-enhanced" projects.
To all the still doubting MNOs out there, don´t think "i don´t believe it, lets just see what will happen" or "we can act afterwards, IF it even ever happens"
or "we can fight and appeal those delistings after they happened". No we cannot. Afterwards, the damage will already be done. And our market-cap on the way
shrinking back down to $100M. Once those delistings begin, they will come very fast, we will have no time to react, our project will get hammered from all sides.
Even if we would then, by that time, try to correct course, remove the feature, we would likely need to pay a fortune in re-listing costs, which we can´t afford
with our shrunken budget. We will be done. It would be over. We would be caught with our trousers down, and no real options to mitigate the evolving situation.

Many MNOs, especially those from the U.S. will obviously vote against this, because they perceive this threat that is very real and very close already, to be
"far, far away" from them, or that i made this all up or that it is somehow exaggerated. No it is not exaggerated. This is because, to some extent, people in
the U.S. live in a perception bubble, because so far the U.S. is the least inimical government against "privacy-enhanced" cryptocurrencies, for the precise
reason that the U.S. is the only country on earth, which has an effective "Crypto Lobby" which is lobbying lawmakers, and has done so for many years already.
But unfortunately, Dash cannot survive long-term, even if it would remain listed on Binance.US and only for american users of Coinbase and Kraken.
Do not underestimate the impending danger our project is facing with the upcoming mass delistings of "privacy-enhanced" cryptocurrencies in all of the world.
It is likely the most risky time for Dash, since its inception back in February 2014. The potential doom of our project is so close, yet most don´t notice !!
To the MNOs who still have doubts whether it is really necessary to at least officially scrap PrivateSend/CoinJoin, ask yourselves: What if you are wrong?
Can you handle a future Dash price of $10 with the onset of those mass delistings? Can our budget handle that? Can DCG? We are at the breaking point already.

Risking the very survival of Dash, and all because of a rarely used privacy feature, that doesn´t attract these days any users or investors anyway,
just doesn´t make any sense. Our investment in Dash will end up like cash thrown in the oven. Lets be wiser than that, guys.

Disabling and removing PrivateSend/CoinJoin from all official wallets is the safe and responsible thing to do right now. And it´s already 5min to midnight.
If this Governance proposal is passing, it will turn Dash into an outstanding observer to all this privacy-related persecution that is coming to pass.
And if Zcash, Monero, PirateChain, Grin etc. will do so well and great despite (or even because!) the mass delistings they will have to suffer,
then we always have the possibility to re-enable PrivateSend/CoinJoin again in a future version, in order to emulate what good happened to them.
But most likely they will end-up decimated to pieces, without mercy.

Obviously, in case this Governance proposal is passing, we should be able to get listed in Japan, South Korea and on Huobi Global again, after it takes effect.
But the main reason why we need to do this and do this now, is to spare us from the same fate that´s waiting for Zcash, Monero, PirateChain, Grin etc.
If passing, it is intended to be enacted by Dash developers ASAP to not waste any precious time, because we probably don´t have a lot of time anymore.

Do not underestimate, what the governments of the world can (and will) do to us. And there will be no relief and no indemnities or restitutions paid to us.
The time to defend and rescue Dash is now. (in a worst-case scenario it could already be too late, though)
Be wise as serpents and vote wisely, guys!
Thanks to all the voting MNO (regardless of how they vote) for the attention and patience to read it all.