Proposal Details Infrastructure and Maintenance has processed over $500,000 in Dash payments with over 200 registed merchants. We have kept the project relatively feature stable over the last 6-12 months while we have been working on the THORChain integration (now complete, pending their merge of the codebase) and more business focused work. This is intended to continue for the next few months whilst we build out Summoners, a turn based strategy game built on Dash L1 and Dash Platform with the ability to bet Dash on winning your match head-to-head versus another player. Once the MVP of Summoners is released we will return focus to CTX and our extensive roadmap.

This proposal will partly cover our maintenance and infrastructure costs as well as some other minor costs for the next 6 to 12 months (Dash price dependent), relieving some of the financial pressure on me individually. We were at a position where we were ready to start raising some capital but as you all know, the market is terrible right now. Ultimately there were some offers at a position we didn't feel comfortable with and wish to return focus to CTX in line with the market and raise a larger scale seed round at a better offer further down the line.

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