Proposal Details

Education - Merchants - Remittances. Dash El Salvador:

We continue working for the correct adoption of #Dash with the people of El Salvador.
This Third Quarter we focus on the Eastern Zone of the country. Where 70% of the total of Remittances at National Level are concentrated.


1. Support with the Mayor's Office of San Miguel to educate and adopt Dash as Digital Money: Holding events in the Government Center on 4 occasions.

2. Greater receptivity with our plan of benefits offered by companies allied to Dash:

3. Financial Education which is divided into 3 Educational Modules which are: 1:

4. Conversations with USAID and Mercadito, which are NGOs that support business development and upcoming events.

5. Fairs Opening of Plaza de Comercio Empresarial September 16 and 17 where our Affiliates will participate and we will give benefits with Dash at the time of purchase.

For which we require the Financing October to December:

1. Consolidate the Business Community to become Family Remittance Exchange Centers.

2. Train the Family Members of Salvadorans Abroad.

3. Generate more agreements with the Local Mayors in Eastern Municipalities (Santa Rosa de Lima - Usulután - La Unión - Chinameca - Moncagua - Conchagua - El Cuco) where we consolidate meetings with entrepreneurs to adopt Dash.

The Budget will be distributed as follows:

Micro-Fairs                         4 DASH     
Payroll                               25 DASH
Office rental                        3 DASH       
Office supplies                     1 DASH
Travel and hospitality         4 DASH
Marketing and advertising 8 DASH