Proposal Details

Dash El Salvador: Education - Merchants - Remittances

We continue to grow in El Salvador. We reached an agreement with the Mayor's Office of San Miguel in coordination with CEDI- Juvenil. Achieving that #Dash we can participate in local activities.

We continue our Purpose of Financial Education with Dash Digital Cash with our Dash Xperience Center Program.

We have managed to generate an agreement with the Mayor's Office of San Miguel in the East of the country. Where we are coordinating with the CEDI - JUVENIL meetings with the Entrepreneurs.

1. Offer Benefits to the Entrepreneurs that help to give tools that can make them grow (Strategic Allies).

2. Give Financial Education and raise awareness of the advantages that Dash has in the purchase of Products and Services.

3. Organize Trade Shows in the locality 

4. Adoption of Dash for Remittances, and channeling at affiliated merchants.

We will continue to demonstrate our work on a small budget.

Fixed Assets

Micro-Fairs 4 DASH     
Payroll 25 DASH
Office rental 3 DASH       
Office supplies 1 DASH
Travel and hospitality 4 DASH
Marketing and advertising 8 DASH