Proposal Details

Dash Marketing Hub Q3 2022 REVISED

Based on input from MNOS, we have decided to restructure our proposal to comprise a significantly-reduced base ask (100 Dash) while submitting separate proposals for larger, more targeted marketing campaigns. Separate proposals will include campaigns such as our ongoing Cointelegraph DAO report campaign and Brave campaign. This base funding will be used primarily to maintain a strong social media presence, support DCG with translation bounties, website updates etc., and incentivize community contributions such as merchant adoption. Additionally, this will act as a buffer for unforeseen costs related to major campaign proposals including price fluctuations.

Please see our updated Rules document for any changes, including restructuring geared towards more one-off campaign proposals. Major changes include:

-New bounties are now approved only by Director consensus. This means that we will approve bounties more selectively, as well as quicker.
-External parties, such as DCG representatives, can become Admins for the purpose of overseeing work that affects their DFO.
-For bounties that end up receiving their own separate proposals, tasks are only paid out after (and if) their separate proposal is funded.

Please see our previous proposal for this quarter for spending breakdowns etc.