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Brazil Community - Crypto City + Partnerships & Business Dev. + Events + Social Media Marketing

This proposal is for the continuance of our Marketing and Business Development approach Q4-2022

Hi MN Community, we are focused at the moment on developing the 1st Crypto City In Brazil, with the implementation of weekly meetups among  local merchants to educate them in the DASH ecosystem, creating a local newspaper with information about crypto ( printed newspapers have been well accepted in this scenario )

São Thomé das Letras is a Famous Mystic touristic country city destination known for Alien Visits, Wizards, and Witches gatherings, they are also known for their waterfalls and natural jungle trails. It is a great little city for a fun weekend getaway.

The goal is to lay out the base where all Merchants accept dash and promote the place as a Crypto Experience for the weekend where individuals will be able the pay 100% of their experience in Dash for the weekend. Experiences like trail expedition, aqua sports tours, Zipline, besides the basics, Hotels, restaurants bars, and shops. We already have over 80 merchants onboard fully educated, with ready wallets and a bridge to fiat via a trusted p2p in the community. The goal is to get to 100 merchants in the next few weeks. 

Documentary about Crypto City -  Tee Experience of spending a weekend paying  with Dash???

CryptoCity Buzz

Previous Meet-ups
NewsPaper Project for Engagement

Pizza Meet-up at Crypto City to onboard merchants  

List of Business at Crypto City

E-commerce Partnership for Payments 

This partnership allows dash owners to purchase over 300 products via this website e-commerce in Brazil.

Events: Promoting  Dash

Other news related to PR, Interviews, Promo, and Marketing where the Dash Brazil community was mentioned

DIF support

Podcast and Videos in English

Dash Documentary  - Re-uploaded with Extra Scenes and Interviews 



Hi Dash Community, we understand these are Bear Market times and we are asking for the minimum possible to maintain all social media, meet-ups, events, and PR during these markets.
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