Proposal Details

Dash Text Q2 2022 - Team is now called Dash Tech - The software factory for Dash projects.


-Official Release of Dasherpay

-DashText usernames

-Buying coffee with Dash Text

  • What does this specific proposal fund?
This proposal funds Dash Text’s (now Dash Tech's) ongoing costs - including all developers, administrative staff, business development, providers, and other costs.

  • Deliverables of this proposal:

  ???Improvements to our platform (Commands)
  ???- Last transactions, Dash values in other currencies, Buy Dash Command, Asistance command,    ???Shortcodes command, Dashy AI


- Automatic payments. After funding the payroll wallet, the payment will run automatically
- Web app, Landing & User manual English version
- More responsive designs
- Transaction logs
- Payment notification through email
- Upload of employees list as a CSV file
- Blockchain confirmation tracker
- Walkthrough videos. Every Dasherpay section will have a tutorial video for new users
- New allies and integrations
- Email payment notification: Structure and design
- Landing redesign
- Dash Zone. Where users will see events, news & all things related to Dash happening in Venezuela and in the rest of the world
- Help & Assistance section

- Still bringing support to other dash communities
- Dash Text monthly promo


  • Cost Breakdown:
??????   ???Budget requested per month (DASH Rate = 134 USD/DASH)

??????   ???Team Compensation and Development Costs:   ???   ???   ??? $7,170 USD ------- 70.3 Dash
??????   ???Service Providers, promotion and other expenses:             ???$1,438 USD -------  14.1 Dash
?????????   ???Proposal fee refund:                                                        ???                        ???            1.6 Dash 

??????   ???Total cost per month:                                                      ???          $8,608 USD -------   86 Dash