Proposal Details

DASH Remittances El Salvador

Greetings MN. we continue with the Proposal of El Salvador with the best attitude
Hi MN I am Juan Pablo Zamora Castro known asExitofinanciero2014.

65% of the Population of El Salvador Migrates to Emerging Countries like USA
where 93.8% of Remittances worth 7,517 Million Dollars are sent in January

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1. Introducción

Our proposal is focused on receiving remittances in El Salvador through the
Dash cryptocurrency, presenting transactions with very low fees (commissions)
and instantly as the main benefit.

We are going to focus on the success stories of other proposals that have been in charge
of positioning Dash as a fast, safe and friendly cryptocurrency.

2. Goals

Position Dash as the main remittance cryptocurrency in El Salvador from the
main sending countries, through the Dash Wallet platform with the purpose of
offering a commission aligned to people needs.


1. Dash Education

Actively train the community in topics focused on family remittances, their
employability and benefits of their use.
(Dash Xperence Center)

2. Excellence in Service 

Achieving leadership in costs, giving an important value to versatility, safety
and promptness.

3.immediate solutions

Customer attraction through service alternatives: customer experience, breadth
of complementary services and full integration.

4. Commercial and Corporate Integration

Strategic Alliances .DASH Usability in Commercial Establishments, Micro
Entrepreneurs and Industries


1. Operations Objective

Maintain an operational cost, maintain an issuing user loyalty rate greater
than 70% in the first year of operation and 80% in the second year of

2.Value Offer

Less cost for trading InstantSend transaction time Money transfer service 24/7
Confidentiality of Information-PrivanteSend

3.Customer Relations

Customer Reviews & Ratings, User SupportDash Commerce integration activities

4.Market segment

Aimed at Salvadorans residing abroad who send remittances to The Salvador, who
are looking for low cost and in a short time.


- Dash Xperencie Center                  ?????? 8 Dash x Month
Travel and Hospitality                      ??????2Dash x Month
- Advertising-Marketing Expenses    4 Dash x Month ???
Salary payment (2 hires)???                  17 Dash x Month

31 Dash xMonth

We want to be part of history in El Salvador. Dash has all the attributes to be
able to do it. I left my Family in Colombia for the transformation of the